Sean Frei


Day One Of Tech. Rehearsals!

So today we started those weary and dull couple of days where we have to get everything perfect… Fun times!

We were called in at 10am, didn’t really do anything until 2pm (unless you were a singer or on the Bohemian Rapsody group) due to the stage, lighting and cameras not being set-up as they needed to be for us to use it.

Was about half 3 by the time our group finally did anything, we started by sorting out the switch-over from the last band to ours, luckily there’s an acoustic act before us so we don’t really have too much to worry about. But the only change I’ve had to make for the songs is that I’m swapping the amps we originally used with Ben because of the distance from the one I use to the nearest available mic due to the jack cable bearly being long enough and would probably trip anyone over trying to get past.

Aside from that, everything went fine and as planned, no hiccups or anything, the same with my other group, nothing changed from when we were practising the songs in the venue.

We only manged to get half-way through the set-list today, so another long day tomorrow, wooo!