Sean Frei


More Transporter!

So for the past week we’ve mostly been in the venue, aswell as in the rehearsal booths.

It’s also official that Rapper’s Delight has been cut from the show, due to it never really being up to scratch with the rest of the material we had. A shame really, despite only playing one riff throughout the entire song, I did enjoy it.

We also started work on Hang You From The Heavens by The Dead Weather, which is apparently one of Jack White’s earlier bands, which I didn’t know… Fun fact for the day! Do really like this song, I was worried avout what kind of song it would be, seeing as I was put on my least preffered instrument, the bass, yet again. But the song’s quite rocky and the kind of stuff I would of listened to a while ago when I was in that ‘phase’ of what genre I listened to, I have stages of listening to different types of music all the time… Anyway, getting sidetracked. We started work on it on Wednesday evening, after being held back ‘til 6pm to finally get it under way, and I think for the first time our group being together and playing it, it went really well… Also considering I didn’t -really- know the parts for it, well I did, but had just forgotten… Oops. But I picked it back up quickly, had some guidance from Dave about how I was playing it and correcting me, such as playing two open strums on the low E when I should of been playing one and letting it ring, and vis versa, and we also had a bit of trouble with the structure of the song but we ironed that out when we worked on it again on Friday.

Last week we also started on Money by Pink Floyd, altho’ I’m not too sure that it’ll make the show, we have to music more or less spot on, but we haven’t had a singer, or we were supposed to but he doesn’t like the song so he never bothered to learn it, so we had to find an emergency back-up to replace him and our best shout was Iona, who already knew the song but just had to brush up on it, so finger’s crossed we can make this one work, because I do actually like playing it, never really been into Pink Floyd.

The one thing worried most about in the show is Unbelieveable and that damn solo, I’m not a soloist, and I’m still not comfortable with playing it, or even sure if it’s right… Just plauging on my mind that I’m going to royally fuck it up during the show which is the main reason it don’t want to do it, not confident enough to make myself look like an idiot on stage.

On a brighter note, we’ve finally got Express Yourself and Feel Good Inc to the stage where they’re good enough to be in the show, which is another worry off my mind.

Now just to get through the drudgery of the tech. rehearsals, not too fond of them, but obviously they need to be done… Need to come up with a solution to my pedal problem tho’ during them. The current amp I have to use really dislikes my pedal, it fuzzes and feedbacks like no-one’s buisiness and I really need it for two of our songs, also have the problem of finding a way of getting it from one side of the stage to the other for Hang You From The Heavens, due to the bass needing distortion and the bass amp we curretly use up on stage doesn’t have those kinds of settings. So, I’m sure we’ll find a away around these anyway.