Sean Frei

Nov 1


I know I haven’t really posted anything in a hell of a long time… Probably too long, so I might aswell actually do something before I get in trouble… Oopsie. >.< 

So we now know the name of our genres gig, ‘Transporter’. Meeehhhh, not too sure on it really, but I guess after playing Evolver, it just doesn’t really feel the same this year, nostalgia. for ya.

But so far everything seems to be going a-okay, ok… Maybe not everything. This solo for this poxy song ‘Unbelieveable’ by EMF for our Baggy Manchester genre is a pain in the arse, not only do I greatly dislike the genre and the song… I don’t have a damned wah pedal to even make it sound authentic and I’m not really a soloist, but the thing is, it sounds like it shoul be easy to play, but I’ll be damned if I could ever figure it out by ear.

Apart from that one song which is a thorn in my side, all the other songs from my ‘Group B’ are going well, we’ve had other people added to the others, such as Max doing some keys for us and Kyle doing some percussions.

We do still need to find someone to play the harmonica for ‘Boom Boom’ and get the backing vocals sorted for ‘Parklife’ then our songs should (hopefully) be spot on and ready for the show.

As for the hip-hop group I’ve been placed in… Well, things aren’t going anywhere near as well, earlier in the week we barely had two songs ready to be shown in the venue when we were supposed to have at least four… Oh dear.

It doesn’t really help when half your group are showing up extremely later 99% of the time and wander off when they seem to please, because of this, our songs are nowhere near as rehearsed as they should be, and yesterday we were told that ‘Rapper’s Delight’ was most likely going to be cut due to it not being up to scratch… And along with us choosing to drop ‘Come Dance Wiv Me’ because we were so far behind, that leaves this group with no more than two songs to perform… Which is a bit despressing.

At least I’ve been thrown into two ‘superband’ songs… Money by Pink Flloyd and Hang You From The Heavens by The Dead Weather… But yet again I’m playing the poxy fucking bass… I’M NOT A BASSIST! -.-  I find it dull and boring and it makes you feel crappy when the same people are being picked to play guitar over you… Makes you think you’re not enough.